Top 3 challenges when switching to full-time with my company (full-time on my business blog post #1)

Top 3 challenges when switching to full-time with my company (full-time on my business blog post #1)

It has been over one year since my partner, and I started Noetic Marketer, and as many new businesses, it started as a “side hustle.”

I was a full-time student, working a side job, and had other commitments and I topped it all off with this new business. Some people thought I was crazy, but the truth is I really enjoy what I do. And yes, some nights I wanted to rip my hair out, but it all has been worth it.

Having said all that, I always dreamed of the moment to be able to work full-time for my business. It filled me up with excitement to think what I could accomplish if I am dedicating much more of my time to the company.

And it happened. Thanks to the RBC uOttawa Entrepreneurship Program, I can take off my mind and focus on a job and take my full brain power towards my business.

I am super excited and grateful for this opportunity.

As the first blog post of the series “full-time on my business,” I wanted to share the challenges that I will be facing when changing from part-time to full-time, and how I plan to overcome them.

Challenge #1: Spending my time on the activities that matter

When there is so much to do, it is tough to know what to prioritize as you want to use your time as efficiently as possible. Especially when you are not getting paid by the hour or have a fixed salary, when all your income depends on how you spend your time, you make sure you are spending it on the right tasks. It is essential to stay organized, identify my business’ priorities and set time deadlines for each activity. It is so easy to get sidetracked on to less critical functions.

Challenge #2: Achieving my goals and objectives

I am so lucky to be able to be part of the RBC uOttawa Entrepreneurship Program. If it was not because of it, I could not imagine how much more stressed I would be to reach my goals so that I can continue to live a comfortable life. However, I am grateful for the opportunity, and I am taking it very seriously. As someone who is very ambitious, my goals are not always the most realistic. I must learn to come up with more realistic goals, be more patient, but continue to work hard for what I want.

Challenge #3: Deciding the future of my business

This challenge is the one that concerns me the most. By the end of these four months, I want to be able to put my company in a position where it will continue to grow and in a direction that excites, inspires and that looks promising. No one will be telling me what to do or how to make my decisions. I must take responsibility for each decision taken. I want the roots of my business to allow for healthy growth.

To conclude this blog post I wanted to mention that I will be continuing to share my experience as I work full-time in my business. The struggles, excitements, achievements, moments of truth, I plan to share it all.

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Andres is the Owner and Administrator at Noetic Mindset as well as the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer for the digital marketing agency Noetic Marketer. Andres is a marketing strategist and visionary who helps businesses grow.