3-step process: Learn how to be above average and achieve any goal

3-step process: Learn how to be above average and achieve any goal

Do you want to learn how to be above average? If you are like me or have the slightest bit of ambition running through your body, you may have big goals in mind and may be trying to figure out how to reach them. Since going beyond the average is a common goal for a lot of people, I will teach you the 3-step process to achieve this and how you can use this process to attain any goal in life.

To start this off, let me try to convince you that you can actually surpass the “average line” because a lot of people do not believe they can. It is actually pretty easy, and I only need you to follow 3 simple rules.


The average person

So what exactly does it mean to be “average”? If we look at this in a mathematical way, you add up all income, effort, initiative, or whatever you are measuring, divided by the number of people you are comparing yourself against (could be a country’s population or your workplace’s employees). The result of this equation is the most typical number, or “the average person”, or “the average line”.

Keeping it simple:

Let’s say your goal is to make an above average income, this is how this equation takes into place:

According to Worlddata.info, the average income in the US is 56,730 $ / year. This means that if you are making 56,731 $ / year, you are already making an above average income.  

So what does this mean?

This is just to say that it is not impossible for anyone to be an above average person. It simply means that you only need to take that extra step that most people are not taking or not willing to take, and you can have better results than them. Once you find the average line in whatever you want to excel at, surpass this line, and this makes you an above average person. You can even surpass your goal two or three, or a thousand times! It all depends how high you are aiming, but it is absolutely possible.

Now that you are convinced, let’s get into the 3-step process to be “above average”.

Three simple rules to become an above average individual

I am going to make this really simple for you.

  1. Find the middle line.  As mentioned above, you have to find or determine what the average is (or your goal). If you do not know, then how are you supposed to know what you must surpass? Note that the more accurate and specific you make it, the better!
  2. Do more than the average. This may sound extremely simple, but if you do not put the extra effort/initiative, you are doing exactly what the average and below average are doing. Remember, all you have to do is take that extra step!
  3. Duplicate what the above average is doing. To end up like them, you must do what they are doing. If you consider yourself average and keep doing what you are doing, there is not going to be a change in your life. You 100% HAVE to change things up.

“These are stupid rules.”

Maybe, but chances are that if you think you are an average person, it is probably because you are doing the exact same as everyone else. You just have to push yourself further than the rest, and you will end up further than the rest.


What if I want more?

Some of you may say that you are already above the average but still want more, or you just want to aim higher. Here would be the rules for you:

  1. Find a personal goal. Again, you must know exactly what you want so you know what to do and where to aim.
  2. Do more than those who have reached that goal. Outwork and outperform to get better results than them. We have all heard this, but it is impossible to reach new heights without putting the effort.
  3. Duplicate what those who have far surpassed this goal are doing. By doing this, you are making sure to take that extra step that is needed to reach that goal. You want what they have, reverse-engineer what they are doing!

Sure, easier said than done. The higher your standards, the harder to achieve. However, if you follow these rules you will know where you want to be and how you can get there. Once you put your mind in the right direction, all you have to do is put in the work.

Note: Effort is required for anything in life, and if you have an average work ethic and mindset, you must transform this and take that extra step. This is required to be above average or to achieve any goal in life, so if you take anything from this post is to make sure to, and let me repeat it, take that big long extra step that will separate you from the rest.

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Andres is the Owner and Administrator at Noetic Mindset as well as the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer for the digital marketing agency Noetic Marketer. Andres is a marketing strategist and visionary who helps businesses grow.