3 Reasons Why The Snapclarity App Might Be The Next Big Startup and Why You Should Support Their Cause

3 Reasons Why The Snapclarity App Might Be The Next Big Startup and Why You Should Support Their Cause

The startup I am talking about is currently building an application called snapclarity, a service that will offer counselling to people in need. By simply answering a few questions, the app will match you with a therapist and/or counsellor that matches your needs best. Although similar applications exist in the United States, such as BetterHelp and SpaceTalk, this is the first company in Canada to launch an application of this kind.

Even though the company is still working on their prototype, they are planning to do a soft launch and provide their services for free to communities at-risk. Whether Canadian or American, many of  you know that there are a few communities, especially aboriginal ones, that have been featured in national and international news due to the high rate of suicide (the two communities being Cross Lake in Manitoba and Woodstock in Ontario).

The company will be giving a total of 100 phones with the snapclarity application pre-installed to youth in these communities, allowing them to text their therapists at any time. This does not only provide extra support, but also helps decrease the chance of a major crisis occurring.

Although the full application is yet to be released, their parent company Terrace Wellness has self-funded their prototype, and is bringing major attention to this new initiative via an Indiegogo campaign where anyone can support the cause. Their story is getting picked up by various news and media outlets.

You can visit their Indiegogo campaign by clicking here. But, before you do so, here are three reasons why this company might be the next big startup:


Terrace Wellness is not new to the mental health sector. In fact, they have been around for nearly 20 years. They provide a variety of services including counselling, therapy, group homes, foster homes, assessments, as well as psychiatric services and more. So they are not new in the market, and snapclairity will be able to provide them an extra way to help people.

Although growing snapclarity will not be an easy task, they have done all their research. They know how the sector works, and they have been very successful in it. If that was not enough, the Executive Director Terri Storey has a lot of experience with media as well, having her company in front of cameras multiple times.

Snapclarity is off to a good start, their experience in this field is going to help them a lot through this new venture, but they will need more than just experience. This brings me to my second point, which is the most important in my opinion. Let’s get to passion.


Passion goes a long way. If you ask me, people and companies are usually more successful if they are passionate about what they are doing. Not only this, but when someone is passionate about something, they will go a step further, and will never give up until they accomplish what they first started.

This is the case for snapclarity. Not only do they have experience, but they also have 20+ years of passionate work. Terri Storey has had multiple fundraisers aimed at helping youth, loves the concept of snapclarity, and is willing to go the extra mile in order to help the our community’s youth.

Along with Mrs. Storey, Terrace Wellness has a united team, where everyone involved is equally passionate about the success of snapclarity. Mrs. Storey mentioned that she opened her wellness centre two years ago so that she could do exactly what she is doing right now: building something online that can reach far more people than just the locals of Ottawa. As part of their mission statement, they want to change the way mental health care is delivered, as they believe the current system is inefficient.

From experience to passion, the final point I want to make relates to the perfect timing for snapclarity to launch.

Along with experience and passion, another key element that will play a big role in their success is timing.


We have all heard of #BellLetsTalk, and we have all heard of the vast amount of communities needing support. In fact, there is a large percentage of the population who still cannot access mental health services. It is clear that mental health issues are on the rise, and the need is becoming greater and greater, not just in Canada, but around the world. And although more people are talking about it, not enough is being done. So for snapclarity, this is perfect timing.

Not only that, snapclarity is also in negotiations with a major telecommunication company to donate phones to be able to provide their services to 100 youth. This not only means that they could potentially receive mainstream media coverage, but it means that snapclarity is being recognized by major companies that are betting on the application’s success.

Furthermore, this is the first Canadian company providing this type of service, and will be the first to have access to the Canadian population. Last but not least, Terri Storey would be the first female participating in the combination of mental health and technology sectors.

Last Thought

Whether you agree with me or not regarding the future of this startup, I hope that you do see that what they are doing with their Indiegogo campaign is pretty inspiring. Companies do not act enough to meet the growing mental health needs in our communities.This company is not going to solve all the problems out there. However, it is a start, and hopefully more companies will stand up along with snapclarity to help our communities.

Snapclarity’s Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

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