Redefining Success: 7 Ways to Succeed in not Failing Yourself

Are you a successful person? That is one of the most difficult questions to answer, not because we haven’t succeeded, but because we often don’t recognize our own achievements. In most cases, we perform other ideas, resulting in them being acknowledged for the achievement we executed. In other words, we neglect to see our achievements because they weren’t ours at the start. Here are some ideas about success and how it can help to define our path to being a successful person.

  1. Define where you want to go (define your north). Where are you going in your life today? Have you defined what you really want to be? How far are you from your north, and what steps are you taking to get there? Is this day just another day or are you now one step closer to your goals? Set clear goals and define a path to achieve them. Make every single day count.
  2. What is your purpose? Your purpose will define the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. It’s what motivates you. It’s the reason you get up in the morning. It’s the engine inside your brain that drives you to succeed, the one that influence your behavior. A good purpose guides you to happiness and satisfaction. Here is a link with some examples of purpose statements:
  3. What is your passion? Find what makes you happy (this could not necessarily be the same as what you are good at). When you are doing what you love, time isn’t a constraint. I have seen programmers expending weeks, sleeping a few hours a day, creating a piece of software and smiling once the job is done. They love what they do, that is their passion. With passion there aren’t barriers to achieve what you want. With passion all seems to be easy and enjoyable. Your passion will define the determination to succeed. Find some ideas about defining your passion here:
  4. Find your own way to succeed. Be prepared as success never comes alone. Success is all yours, but you have to find the best path to attain it. Don’t wait for others to build your strategy. Surround yourself with successful and happy people, their energy will motive you. Make a plan and give one step every day to achieve what you want. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from what stops you from succeeding and create your own destiny. Remember this quote from a famous poet: “Walker there is no path; you make the path as you go” - Antonio Machado.
  5. Never give up. Keep trying. You will face some problems in your way to achieve what you want, but don’t let them stop you accomplishing what you committed to achieve. Learn from them and try again. Giving up is not an option. If you already know why you failed, then why not to try again and do it right? Successful people also faced problems in their way to success. The difference is they learn from their errors and try again. I found this quote that motivates me every time that I face an obstacle: “Failure will never overtake me if my decision to succeed is strong enough” - Og Mandino.
  6. Be happy. Smile and make others smile too. Do you enjoy what you do? When you do what you love there is no reason to be unhappy. Share your success, dance, sing and smile. The universe will be in sync when you are happy. Happiness is contagious, spread it.
  7. Never forget where you came from. Remember when you were a child. The neighborhood, your friends, your family. Maybe they are not doing as well as you. Perhaps they need your inspiration to succeed. You could lead the people you left behind on your way to the top. Give back to the community. Never forget that one day you were there and they were part of your life.

The big difference between success and failure is your preparedness and desire to succeed. There will always be obstacles no matter what you do, but if you know what you want to achieve, the steps you need to take and how committed you are to succeeding, nothing will stop you.

Author: Jose Tovar
Poster by: Andres Tovar

Andres is the Owner and Administrator at Noetic Mindset as well as the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer for the digital marketing agency Noetic Marketer. Andres is a marketing strategist and visionary who helps businesses grow.