3 Incredible Tips to Keep Your Vision in Mind

It was not too long ago when Mark Zuckerberg met up with his friends in their residence room and told them about his project. Although it started in a residence room and there was nothing big created yet, Zuckerberg had a vision. I don’t think he knew there would be lawsuits and major struggles to come, but even if he did, he didn’t care, because at the time the only idea he had was how Facebook would look in the end. He knew the purpose of his project and how it would change the world. He did not see himself explaining an idea in a residence room, but how he was going to change the very way society worked.

Keeping a vision is one of the things that will allow you to accomplish your dreams and reach your goals. Whenever you start something, you have to keep two things in mind: how it is going to look in the end, and why you are doing it; in other words, your vision and your reason. Those two things are what compose your everyday motivation. As long as you keep them in mind, your motivation should remain high. It’s what enables you to sustain the incredible ups of entrepreneurship and push through the difficult downs. It’s the reason you wake up early the next morning after a long night, and it’s the reason you were working the long night to begin with. As long as you have a vision, you can accomplish anything that you want.

So, not if but when you are on the border of quitting, remember these few things about your vision:

1. The end goal

Remember that you started that project not because of your actual situation, and not for how it is looking right now, but for how it may look someday. You should remember that the harder you work, the closer you are to your end goal (whether that’s the company growing exponentially or you living the life of a millionaire). The harder you work, the closer you will be to transforming your vision into a reality.

2. Picture yourself in the future

To help you constantly remember your vision, you should take a few minutes every day to picture yourself inside that vision. Whether it is driving a luxury car, or living in the house of your dreams, close your eyes, picture yourself there, and start imagining what you would do if you had those things. Lastly, ask yourself how happy that would make you, and what do you need to do to make that vision reality.

3.  Write your vision

Again, the more detail you put into that vision, the easier it will be for you to remember how it will look. Writing your vision down will help you organize your thoughts, your ideas, and your mind. It will be very handy when you are feeling down and want to quit. All you have to do is read it every time you need to be reminded of it

These are just a few ways to keep in mind what your vision looks like. It can be hard, but you know that the end goal will be worth it. As I said before, your why is very important as well, and you should take the time to reflect on it whenever you can. Nonetheless, an excellent example of a vision would be to picture what your end goal is when you are trying to hit on someone at the bar… actually, maybe not the most appropriate example! 

Andres is the Owner and Administrator at Noetic Mindset as well as the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer for the digital marketing agency Noetic Marketer. Andres is a marketing strategist and visionary who helps businesses grow.