Want to Climb the Ladder of Success? This Article is For You

Want to Climb the Ladder of Success? This Article is For You

Everyone in this world wants to receive recognition and be successful, that’s not a secret! Few have achieved it, however, and most have failed. With that said, success has different forms. Winston Churchill stated, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Today, I am going to tell you how you can avoid these failures that cause you so much pain, and cost you so much money.

First, the problem is not avoiding the failure altogether, but rather the way we try to get to the top. The inconvenience here is in the mental design, so how do we fix this? By taking the right steps in successfully building your ladder! Every time you have a desire to achieve something, draw a ladder, and place your goal, your dream, a challenge, whatever it is, at the very top! This way you will never loose sight of what it is you’re chasing after.  

Next, plan what you are going to do, choose what your road map is going to be and be authentic when climbing your ladder. All of these I call your STRATEGY, but strategy is not enough. You also need to identify and plan the activities, actions, and movements you are going to execute in order to start climbing your ladder, and continue stepping closer and closer to the top. I call these activities your TACTICS. The ladder for success could have as many steps as you want, with the number steps varying depending on your goal, your strategy, and your ability to implement the tactics you have decided on. So, if you are a good observer, you should have started to discover and design your path to success. By combining your strategy and tactics, the first step of many has been taken.

Now strategy and tactics are important, but what is the most important ingredient of all, the ingredient that has been missing up to this point? When Winston Churchill said success is walking from failure to failure, surely he is referencing how over time we have to take the next step up the ladder. This may seem easy, but don’t get me wrong, if your ladder doesn’t have the right design you will be lost, and that next step will become a lot harder to take. So how do we ensure our design is right? Well, Mr. Churchill did not simply mention walking from failure to failure, but walking from failure to failure “with no loss of enthusiasm.” Not losing your enthusiasm, that is the real secret! When you lose enthusiasm, it means you did not select the right GOAL, and by not choosing the right goal, the entire design of your ladder is off. So keep your enthusiasm in mind, and when you lose it, know that it is time for a redesign.

So let’s recap. At this point you have a ladder with a goal at the top, multiple steps that align with your strategy, and the tactics you are going to undertake to take those steps. These are the first simple steps that must be taken. But don’t forget about you, you are the most important agent, the one that sets the goal and the one that must maintain the enthusiasm required to attain it.

Before we wrap this post up, let's look further into the maintenance of your enthusiasm. I told you it wasn’t a secret, but if it’s not a secret, then why do so many fail at maintaining it. I can’t answer specifically for each person, but I can tell you that at least 40% of people who write down their GOALS achieve them. Why? Because every time they are frustrated, they have stopped to look at their goals, rather than looking at their faults. What is going on in here? Simply put, they have maintained a positive attitude, an attitude that has allowed them to remain focused on their goals rather than their faults. So, one last step. Go back to your ladder, but this time think of the attitude you are going to approach your ladder with, and write it down right above your goal. Choosing your strategy, tactics and goal are easy, but maintaining the mental state to remain enthusiastic, that is the hard part. With the attitude required to achieve such a difficult task at the very top of your ladder, you will be much less likely to fail at it during those difficult times.  

We began this post with a Winston Churchill quote, so I think it’s fitting to end it with one.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

So let me finish with this. What attitude have you faced life with to this point? Have you been an optimist or a pessimist? Your answer could be the difference between climbing that ladder to success or falling off of it. 

Author: Gloria Tibavisco
Posted by: Andres Tovar

Andres is the Owner and Administrator at Noetic Mindset as well as the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer for the digital marketing agency Noetic Marketer. Andres is a marketing strategist and visionary who helps businesses grow.